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PMW Precision Metal Works, an MKC Company
Industrial Parts Washers

Assorted washers from 24x18x300 lbs. to 96x60x2000 lbs.

PMW Model 110
Rugged workhorse parts cleaner for small parts all the way to V8 engine blocks. 12 ga. steel, 2 hp. main pump, oil skimmer, lift-out turntable, low-water shutoff, and portable.
PMW Model 112
For automotive and light-industrial applications the PMW Model 112 offers a wide range of capabilities and flexibility 26" dia. turntable, 32" working height, 3 hp. pump, 500-lb. capacity, 9 large steel cleaning jets, 50 gal. solution capacity, and much more.
PMW Model 113
Same basic machine as our Model 112 (link), plus it is fully insulated and holds 70 gal. of cleaning solution.
PMW Model 412
For commercial rebuilders and industrial shops, the PMW Model 412 Power Spray Washer offers 26" dia. turntable, 40" working height, 800-lb. capacity, door-mounted turntable, 5 hp. pump, 12 kw. electric heat, insulated cabinet, 70 gal. reservoir, and more.
PMW Model 612
For rebuilders and large shops with larger requirements, the PMW Model 612 Power Spray Washer provides 1,000-lb. parts capacity, 36" turntable diameter, 42" working height, 7 hp. pump, 110 gpm @ 60 psi, and 120-gal. solution capacity.
PMW Model 812 Power Spray Washers
Make room for the super-duty cleaning machine the PMW Model 812 Power Spray Washer. Many sizes and options available, including 36"-120" dia. turntable, 1,000-15,000 lb. capacity, 15-75 hp. pump motor, 24"-144" working height, fully insulated cabinet, 7-day timer, and much more.
PMW Model 812A Power Sprayer Washer
PMW Model 812B Power Sprayer Washer
PMW Model 812C Power Sprayer Washer
PMW Model 812D Power Sprayer Washer
PMW Model 812E Power Sprayer Washer
PMW Model 812G Power Sprayer Washer
PMW Custom-designed aqueous parts cleaning systems
PMW has the experience and resources to design and build a cleaning system to match your requirements precisely. Here are just a few examples of specialized systems we have built to order, including pass-thru, top-load, belt conveyor, plus many other special systems:



PMW Precision Metal Works
703 East Platt Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060 USA
Phone: 800-272-5438
Fax: 563-652-4126


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