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Youíve got many things to worry about.
PMW equipment isnít one of them.

PMW Model 812 Washer at U.S. Naval Ordinance Station, Louisville, KYAt PMW, we play a supporting role in our customersí success stories. They have high-quality work to do and they donít want to worry about breaking down or wearing out equipment.

We donít want you to worry either. We know that, if we do our best on every single machine we make, you will call on us again and again for quality. At PMW, quality is reality.

Quality = people, parts + process

  • Our Quality Assurance program starts with the people we hire.† Our workforce is among the most dedicated and the hardest-working in the nation.
  • We overbuild to help make certain you have no surprises down the road.† We choose the heavier, higher-quality component parts and materials. We use only the best and forget the rest.
  • PMW parts washers are 100% in-house manufactured. We build them from the ground-up right here in our advanced facility.† We purchase only quality pumps and motors and we design and manufacture all major assemblies ourselves for maximum quality and accountability.
  • Our integrated manufacturing process allows us to cost-efficiently add custom options and features to precisely match the application you are planning.

Quality is reality.

PMW quality is the kind that stands up to your real-world working environment.† We conduct extended cycle and performance tests on every parts washer we build.† Give us a call at 800-272-5438 and letís start talking quality that is for real.



PMW Ė Precision Metal Works
703 East Platt Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060 USA
Phone: 800-272-5438
Fax: 563-652-4126
E-mail: sales@pmwequipment.com


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