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Looking for a parts washer to fit your needs?
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At Precision Metal Works
We do the Heavy Washing

We either already build heavy-duty industrial washers to meet your needs, or we will build to suit your requirements:

  • Standard sizes and custom made parts washers from small to gigantic
  • We have your machine or we will build it for you
  • Call 1-800-272-5438 for more information or for a quote.

The heavy duty or rugged, 
PMW cleaning machines

Our aqueous parts cleaning systems scrub your parts right down to the shine without depending on problem chemicals.

Precision is our name...quality is our game
We design and build only high quality, heavy-duty equipment for demanding industrial and automotive environments. When there simply is no room for mistakes and no time for slowdowns, PMW quality pays off over and over again.

Who cares about PMW quality?
Names you know choose PMW when the application demands total efficiency and long-term reliability.

Parts of a parts washer
Take a look at the inside workings of the world’s meanest cleaning machine.



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Phone: 800-272-5438
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